Boat Safety begins not with oars, but with determination and courage. Each vessel, port and starboard, must be deemed seaworthy. Each sailor in aforementioned vessels employ must be judged by a court of the deep seas as being buoyant and intrepid. For every barnacle accounted, there must be a jib, pulley, and aft. When the nigh winds howl at ye wooden leg, a boat safety expert must welome them not with merely a grimace, but a defiant scowl, your good eye glistening with the grit of the anticipation of battle. To safely maneuver a boat from one channel to another strait, from these waters to those shores, from bay to bight to tomorrow’s evanescent anchorage, a true practitioner of boat safety must muster an unparalleled depth of knowledge of all things life preserver, choke, and mast. Unto each sail, may ye flap in safe waters, and unto each mooring may ye sway in safe harbor, for where the creed of boat safety travels, thereunto all men shall be safe boating.

TBT ~ State of Rock: Deek Slaghill

State Of Rock: Deek Slaghill from Boat Safety Films on Vimeo.

The time comes every once in a while for a Boat Safety Films retrospective – and here it is! Today’s look into the past features the inimitable Dave Garlitz goofing off under the pseudonym Deek Slaghill.  A burnt out legend of the esteemed rock and roll genre, Deek looks back into the past with little more perspective than a baked potato.  What beautiful, hard rocking perspective it is though.  As we look to develop new State of Rock episodes here at BSF, watch this initial ridiculous exploration with us.

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